Groothandel in reinigingsproducten
Ma-Vrij: 08:00 - 17:00

Our products have all been tested in practice. They have been developed in part through advice and input from practical demands. Through, among other things, the input of employees of and, these companies clean objects against insect pollution on a daily basis, so they know exactly what requirements are placed on the product in practice. Long after-effect, does not stain, odor, it can be easily washed away with eg Osmosis systems.

Our products are made as pure as possible with the purest ingredients. Our products are not diluted. In addition to sales, we can also advise on the implementation of the service with our product. In particular, our new Cleanweb product was developed based on demand and with input from practice. Where other products compromise on quality by advising only to perform a treatment 3 times a year, we realize that this is not practical and feasible / realistic.

If you, as a (cleaning) company, perform a treatment at a client, you give a guarantee. You must then be able to assume that your product does what it promises. Cleanweb has been extensively tested and if performed correctly, 2 treatments in the right period can guarantee a one-year warranty on the result. In some cases, depending on the insect population and amount of pollution, 1 treatment per year may be sufficient.

The location of the object to be treated, the presence of water, wind and lighting also play a role in this. You can always contact us for advice on the correct detailed information or other questions.