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About our product:


CLEANWEB® is a fully reversible cleaning and preservation product that is used, among other things, for cleaning and temporary preservation (protection against renewed contamination) of almost all surfaces (in the open air) against contamination by atmospheric and seasonal biological contamination. , such as cobwebs.

Due to the unique preservative and obtained self-cleaning properties, CLEANWEB® protects objects against renewed adhesion of contamination, CLEANWEB® is mainly used in hard-to-reach places of buildings, vessels and structures.


Environment friendly
Our products are safe for people, plants, animals. After a treatment, the treated object remains clean for up to 6 months. We give a guarantee on all our services.

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Quality and effect
Our products have all been tested in practice. They have been developed in part through advice and input from practical demands. Our products are made as pure as possible with the purest ingredients.

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About Us
Ar-La Services started in 2005 in the person of Arjan Landzaat, with the sale / distribution of Antispin, this came from OGB Volendam in the person of Dick Hansen.

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Cleanweb at a glance ...

Below you will find a small overview of our product line. Cleanweb is supplied in various packaging to companies and individuals worldwide.

We supply Cleanweb in a strong concentrate and ready-to-use version.



Cleanweb 500 ml

Cleanweb 1 ltr

Cleanweb 1 ltr

Cleanweb 1 ltr

Cleanweb 20 ltr

Cleanweb 1 ltr
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