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We are Ar-La Cleaning Products B.V.

Ar-La Services was founded in 2005 in the person of Arjan Landzaat, with the sales / distribution of Antispin, this product came from OGB Volendam in the person of Dick Hansen, the then owner of OGB Volendam. OGB Volendam had the sales rights of Insectguard in the Netherlands. At first Ar-La Services sold the Insectguard product under private label as “AntiSpin”.


The manufacturer of Insectguard and thus Anti Spin was Vossen Laboratories from Weert. Insectguard was the first product on the Dutch market intended to limit the nuisance caused by spiders by repelling spiders. In 2012 OGB Volendam sold the sales rights of the product to the company Idétrading General Supplies located in Dordrecht. This meant that Ar-La Services bought its product under private label from that moment on through Idétrading. At the time, adjustments were made to the label. During the period, strict rules were soon attached to the product by the then Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, nowadays the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) and the CTGB (college for the authorization of crop protection and biocide). The product ended up in the differentiated biocide enforcement policy, this was an interval of 3 years in which the product Insectguard received a kind of tolerated status from the CTGB (college for the authorization of crop protection and biocide), pending the authorization number with the corresponding status. This enforcement policy for the product ended in mid-early 2015, after which time the product should have an authorization number.

During the period when the product fell within the differentiated enforcement policy, Ar-La Services and its employees cooperated with Vossen Laboratories to obtain the authorization number. We have also tried to improve the product through our practical experience.

Due to the efforts made by Ar-La Services, the AntiSpin product became a household name and Ar-La Services had meanwhile created a large and select network of sales points in the Netherlands. In mid-early 2015, the differentiated enforcement policy for the Insectguard product and thus also for AntiSpin expired. However, the manufacturer Vossen Laboratories withdrew the application for an authorization number in mid-2015. This has had major consequences for the product Insectguard and AntiSpin. The product was tolerated from a biocide without an authorization number and therefore illegal and punishable to sell or trade. However, this development was never communicated from Idétrading to Ar-La Services. As a result, Ar-La Services remained in the dark about the status of the product. At the time, Ar-La Services took the step to ask the ILT for clarification. It then became clear that the application regarding the authorization number had indeed been withdrawn and that the product was a biocide without an authorization number, with all the associated consequences. Idétrading General Supplies and Vossen Laboratories consistently claimed that the product was authorized without providing any proof. With this knowledge in mind and the ever-deteriorating quality of the product, Ar-La has decided to end the collaboration with Idétrading and Vossen Laboratories.

Ar-La Services came into contact with Cleaning Care Products International B.V. (CCP International) located in Krimpen aan de Lek. Together with CCP International, Ar-La Services has developed a completely new and innovative product to close the gap that arose within the range of Ar-La Services. In contrast to the old product, the underlying idea is not to develop a biocide (combating / repelling spiders) but to prevent, among other things, the pollution caused by spiders, for example, but also other atmospheric pollution. Finally, when no pollution can arise, it does not need to be cleaned. This product was then introduced under the name AntiSpin Pro. At the time, it was decided to use the existing brand name of Ar-La Services in order to use the recognisability of the product. However, it appeared that the authorities associated the name and marketing communications such as labels, etc. with a biocidal claim. We then decided to withdraw the product from the market and to reintroduce the product in consultation with the authorities. The Cleanweb product meets all the requirements for a cleaning agent and thus remains outside the biocide legislation.

The start of the sale of the completely new product called Cleanweb, which keeps the surface clean from temporary, atmospheric seasonal pollution such as sand, but also pollution from insects, will start in mid-2017.

From 2017, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate will, in collaboration with other enforcement authorities, strictly monitor the use of illegal products. So in practice, do spot checks when the companies carry out their spraying work. The ILT is aware that many companies still work with illegal poisons.

Ar-La Services has therefore been working for more than 15 years to market a legal and working product in the Netherlands and to keep illegal poisoners off the mark in order to create a safe situation.

That is our mission!

Arjan Landzaat

Owner Ar-La Cleaning Products B.V.


The sale goes through Ar-La Cleaning Products B.V. (NOTE: so not via Ar-La Services VOF, Chamber of Commerce number and bank account have been changed.)

Ar-La Cleaning Products B.V.

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